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在此,阿卡索在线英语给大家整理了一些广告和销售行业常用的一些口语句子,希望能够帮到有需要的朋侪。接待大家点赞和收藏哦。Advertising1、What do you want to convey in the advertisement?你想在广告中表达什么?2、I will draw an advertising lift for the new production.我将为新产物画广告宣传画。


3、A picture gives better impression than just diagram.图画比图表给人的印象更好4、We have to cut down our advertising budget.我们必须削减广告预算。5、It’s too hard for the average customers to understand the advertisement.普通主顾很难明白广告的意思。6、We are not going to push this product this year.我们今年不计划推销这种产物了。

7、The sales will start to recover with a successful advertisement.随着广告的乐成,销售额将开始回升。8、We’ve decided to start a large scale promotion this winter.我们决议今年冬天开始大规模促销。9、I suggested we put more inter ads, but he suggested we cut down on ads.我建议我们多放些国际广告,但他建议我们少放些广告。


10、Some companies advertise their products by sponsoring sports events.有些公司通过赞助体育赛事来宣传他们的产物。11、Do you think sponsorship is better than street advertising?你认为赞助比陌头广告好吗?12、Sponsorship is less expensive and tax free.赞助更自制,而且免税。13、We spent so much on advertisements but the results are not satisfying.我们在广告上花了许多钱,但效果并不令人满足。14、It doesn’t pay if we spent so much on ads.如果我们在广告上花那么多钱,那是不值得的15、It’s the media that makes the biggest profit.是媒体缔造了最大的利润。

Marketing1、My biggest concern now is business promotion.我现在最体贴的是业务推广。2、There are a lot of ways to push sales in China.在中国有许多方法可以促进销售。3、Make different commercials for each market.为每个市场制作差别的广告。4、Our targeted customers are the 20-35 year old.目的客户是20-35岁的年轻人。


5、We are behind the competition.我们落伍于竞争对手。6、Similar items have existed for some time.类似的项目已经存在一段时间了。7、What can we do to get market penetration for our product?我们怎样才气使我们的产物打入市场?8、I don’t expect the sales will be as high as last year.我认为销售额不会像去年那么高。

9、Our market share is dropping we need to increase sales.我们的市场份额在下降,我们需要增加销售量。10、We should aim at big importers and chain stores.我们应该瞄准大的入口商和连锁店。11、It’s not hard to market our new diet pill, it’s satisfied the needs for people who want to lose weight.推销我们的新减肥药并不难,它满足了想减肥的人的需要。

12、We need to know if this campaign is meeting our objectives.我们需要知道这次运动是否到达了我们的目的。13、We use a unique telephone number to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.我们使用一个奇特的电话号码来权衡运动的效果。Situational conversations情景对话Dialogue one How is our advertising campaign?A: How is our advertising campaign?B: It will be staring next week, we’ve decided to use a variety of media for full coverage.A: How would you do that? Could you put it in details?B: First, we will have 32nd sports on television once a day for 5 weeks, meanwhile we will do 15 second radio commercials 3 times a day in selected cities, finally we will have so me electric advertisements too.A: Electric advertisements?B: Yes, electric advertising is quick inexpensive and wild spread.Dialogue two The products must be advertised on television.A: Last month, you told me that you would give me an advertisement plan after you did some market research.B: Yes, do you have time listen to my plan?A: Sure, go ahead.B: Our products are being advertised only in the print media, that’s far from enough.A: What media do you recommend then?B: I think the products must be advertised on television too.A: That could be awfully expensive.B: But for a new company, such expenses are necessary.Dialogue three How much is your budge?A: How much is your budge for the products?B: About 3000 Yuan per month.A: How long does this budge last?B: 6 months.A: Do we have a slogan?B: Yes, the advertising agency is working on that right now.Dialogue four How will you push your new product this time?A: I am glad to tell you that the advertisements have had a good effect. We have received many orders recently, well done, Tony.B: Thanks.A: How will you push our new products this time?B: I think one of our main strengths is the quality of our product, so as part of our marketing mix, we will label a product as an item with above average quality.A: In order to get our campaigns to a success I suggest we work out a careful plan.阿卡索外教网是一家在线的英语培训机构,接纳网络授课,在家就可以学习,通过网络就可以享受到高清的视频直播学习,画面很是的优质。






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